9D VR Booth

Be teleported to anywhere you can imagine, our 9D VR Booth is a platform where your sense of sight and sound is immersed. You will be able to delight participants, create magical experiences for your guests and showcase your brand like never before. It is the latest innovation of Virtual Reality on Cloud.

Key features as listed follows.

  • Realistic immersive Virtual Reality experience of being at a location.

  • Experience of Breeze, Warmth, Cold, Mist and Smell timed with VR application.

  • Compact design made of low weight aluminum frame, can be transported easily.

  • Customized design with Annual maintenance contract and lifetime of service.

It has a small footprint, low investment, quick returns, easy to movable operate, both indoor and outdoor operating characteristics, is the latest entertainment devices at the forefront and leading virtual interactive technology. Cost can be return within short span of time.


  1. Can be used to demonstrate VR experience of any tourism locations, educational contents, or any other VR content you have. It can be placed at squares, parks, recreation halls, airports, clubs, museums and so on.
  2. Science, education, exhibitions, fairs, store openings and other occasions.
  3. Used for everything you need to quickly attract traffic, attention, concern business occasions.
Ticket price/per ticket(5 Minutes) Experiences Per Day Income
Every day $3 96 Experiences $3*96 $288
Every week $3 96 Experiences $288*7 $2016
Every month $3 96 Experiences $2016*30 $60,480
Every Year $3 96 Experiences $60,480*12 $7,25,760

Note: The ticket price and experiences per day can be made out by yourself or your local market.
The average number of experience can be done in an hour is 12, considering 5 minutes experience length. If the time is more than 8 hour a day, the ticket can be also more than 3 USD, income will be much more!