Apple is a company that is associated with innovation and revolutionary products. However, Apple is not usually among the list of names currently associated with virtual reality. One hears of names like Oculus, Samsung, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, etc., when talking about virtual reality, but ‘Apple’ is often missing in this list. However, there are many signs which point towards the high possibility of Apple being interested in virtual reality’s great potential.

According to a report by Tim Bradshaw of The Financial Times, there is a division in Apple currently working on virtual reality and augmented reality. Prototype headsets have been being made by this division. Recent appointments also point towards Apple’s interest in virtual reality. For example, Apple hired Doug Bowman –a researcher from Virginia Tech, Bowman studied human-computer interaction and 3D interfaces. A new Apple virtual reality headset would require this kind of user interface. Nick Thompson, who had worked on Microsoft’s augmented reality headset, Hololens, was also recently hired by Apple.

While Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus for $2 billion is something that is very well-known, not many are aware that Apple has purchased at least four VR start-ups. One of these start-ups is a German company named ‘Metalio’ which created an app for the visualization of digital furniture in one’s home. Another VR start-up bought by Apple is a company named ‘FaceShift’ – a company that can carry out a real-time transformation of your face into a 3D digital cartoon. Yet another purchase is ‘FlyBy Media’ – a company that had previously collaborated with Apple and Google on computer vision, which is a technology that is related to virtual and augmented reality.

Recently, Apple Stores started selling Mattel’s new View-Master, which is a product that can turn an iPhone into a virtual reality headset. This shows that Apple is taking virtual reality seriously, and has no plans of being left behind in the virtual reality revolution by companies like Google and Facebook. Another sign of Apple’s possible interest in virtual reality is the company’s visits to Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab. Yet another indicator of Apple’s possible interest in virtual reality is only a ‘rumour’, but something that should be considered seriously. There have been rumours of component makers in Asia receiving large orders for dual-lens from Apple. While this may turn out to be just a rumour, what is to be known is that one of the advantages of a smart-phone with two separate lenses and sensors is related to augmented reality.

The fact that many big companies are giving a lot of attention to virtual reality shows that it is a technology that simply cannot be ignored. It is a versatile technology with multiple applications across many fields – medicine, real estate, entertainment, etc. Virtual reality can be used to take your business to the next level. Choose a virtual reality company carefully as the right virtual reality company will deliver high-quality virtual reality solutions right from panorama photography, advanced visualization, 360 videography and virtual reality tours to virtual reality knowledge transfer solutions.

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