IKEA is a brand that many are very familiar with. It is a name that is synonymous with high-quality and value-for-money furniture and home accessories. Recently, IKEA has entered the realm of virtual reality with the launch of an app called ‘Virtual Reality Kitchen, IKEA VR Experience’. This is a pilot test for looking at new methods targeted at enhancing the experience of those shopping for home furniture.

While IKEA’s entry into virtual reality might be recent, it has used augmented reality (a close cousin of virtual reality) back in 2013. IKEA used augmented reality as a tool for letting customers know how a particular item in the IKEA catalog would look like when placed in their home. After all, how a particular furniture item would look like in a certain room (and whether it would fit!) is one concern that most customers shopping for furniture share. However, the VR app from IKEA goes much further and allows customers to ‘experience’ kitchen solutions before purchase.

Using the IKEA VR app, customers can look at what cabinets, drawers, and other features look in different colors, helping them to pick the right choice for their kitchen. Not only do they get to ‘see’ what the furnishings will look like in the kitchen, but they also get to ‘experience’ it with immersive VR. This makes one much surer about the final results – it is one thing to look at 2D drawings or 3D renderings, and another to be ‘within’ a virtual kitchen. The app allows customers to scale themselves down while moving within the virtual kitchen – to put it simply, perspective can be changed so, that the user can look at the virtual reality kitchen from the perspective of an adult, child, tall person, etc. This makes sure that customers can take into account the needs of every family member.

IKEA is a brand that is committed to excellence, quality, and innovation – hence, it is no surprise that they chose VR as a tool. IKEA had tried various digital tools before deciding on virtual reality. After seeing the power of virtual reality, and how effectively they could use it, IKEA partnered with HTC Vive for developing virtual tours covering designer kitchens. IKEA released the app on Steam, which is Valve’s game distribution VRC platform. This app and similar apps are sure to be a hit among users, as today we are living in an age where most people are welcoming new and effective technologies with open arms. Anything that enhances the shopping experience to the degree that virtual reality is capable of, is sure to be a success.

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