Many people have a good idea about what virtual reality is all about, even if they haven’t actually experienced the technology. However, many assume that virtual reality is just about games and entertainment and are not aware about the many other practical applications of the technology. One of virtual reality’s important practical application lies in recruiting.

Virtual reality is currently being used in recruitment processes. It is truly a very valuable tool for employers as it helps them to reach interested candidates in other cities (or countries), helping to cut down on travel costs. An employer can conduct the virtual interview of a candidate without stepping out of his office! Virtual open houses, and virtual job fairs to help employers to easily reach interested candidates. For example, virtual reality is being used by General Mills for recruiting, with the company using 360-degree video at career fairs. This video covers the company headquarters and the areas surrounding it.

Virtual reality is also used as a recruitment tool by the military. The UK military uses virtual reality to let those who are interested to get enlisted in the military get a feel of what it’s like to be soldiers on the battlefield. Virtual reality’s military applications don’t stop at recruiting, but also extend to training. In fact, military training is one of virtual reality’s oldest applications. It continues to be an extremely important application of virtual reality as it helps to save time and money, while providing a safe training environment. Virtual reality can be used for exposing soldiers to different combat situations, so that they are fully prepared and trained for actual battle situations.

Besides the military and the corporate sector, virtual reality is also used by universities and colleges as a recruitment tool. Positive returns on investment are created due to reduction in costs and increase in engagement. For example, the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, USA, lets high school students get a feel of their campus with the help of virtual tours using a smart-phone app and cardboard headsets. Cardboard VR headsets are also used by Trinity University at recruiting events held at colleges and schools. The use of virtual reality by schools, colleges and universities is not restricted to academics, but also extends to sports. For example, virtual reality is used by many schools during college athletic recruiting. Virtual reality is also used by the University of Las Vegas, Iowa State University and the University of Michigan for recruiting athletes for American football.

With its broad spectrum of applications, virtual reality is truly a very versatile and powerful technology. Virtual reality can be used as a tool for the growth of your business with the help of a reputed virtual reality agency. One can use VR technology for the promotion and growth of their business by hiring the services of a good virtual reality company. Whether it is 360 photography, 3D virtual reality or virtual reality videos, or creating virtual tours and 360 panorama, a good virtual reality company will make sure that you get excellent results.