The world of entertainment will feel the power of virtual reality this year, with the arrival of high-end VR headsets from companies like Facebook, HTC and Samsung. Virtual reality is getting a lot of attention these days, and the results will surely live up to expectations. A lot of attention that was given to virtual reality in the 90s fizzled out due to the results not matching expectations, but that is no longer the case. Many who thought that virtual reality would turn out to be a ‘fad’ (like 3D television) had their minds instantly changed after trying out the technology.

People used to think that virtual reality was just about gaming, but the technology goes far beyond that and boasts of a large number of practical applications in many fields. For example, virtual reality is even being used in the world of athletics. VR videos are being used by professional and collegiate sports teams for understanding games from new angles. For example, services are provided by Stanford’s STRIVR system for its own teams in addition to many NFL teams and Clemson University.

VR technology is light-years ahead of regular video presentations with many applications in athletics. Many sports are already making use of these applications. For example, virtual reality is being used by five sports teams at the Mark Cuban Center for Sports Media and Technology at Indiana University. The two-dimensional video has been in use by players and coaches since a very long time. However, such videos can make players feel a certain ‘distance’ between themselves and the material being studied.

In contrast, virtual reality offers a closer vantage point, helping users to feel as if they are actually ‘within’ the virtual environment just by putting on a VR headset. VR can be used by players for memorizing formations and plays without even being present on the field! This has great advantages like a lowered risk of injury. VR videos for athletic training are created in a way that is very different from regular videos. The immersive virtual environment that one experiences after putting on a VR headset are created using different kinds of cameras and lenses, and footage that is generated from multiple cameras.

A VR producer assembles the footage generated from these cameras and ‘stitches’ them into one 180-degree or 360-degree visual field. Stitching is a very important process as one mistake can lead to the video becoming unusable. After stitching, the video can be viewed by players with a VR headset. Such VR videos allow players to focus on different aspects of the game. The feedback from players and coaches who have used VR videos for training has been very positive, and this is just the beginning!

With a broad spectrum of virtual reality applications covering many fields, virtual reality technology is truly very powerful that can be effectively used for the promotion and growth of one’s business with the help of a reputed virtual reality company. Whether it is 360° photography, 3D virtual reality, virtual reality videos or creating virtual tours and  ‎360° Aerial Panorama, the right virtual reality agency will make sure that you get only the best results.

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