It has been claimed that a range of virtual reality headsets are being developed by Google to compete with HTC, Oculus and other companies making virtual reality headsets. The success of Google Cardboard is very well-known. It is indeed commendable how the company was able to make a low-cost device made of simple cardboard take virtual reality to the masses. The device uses a smart-phone as the display and a special app for showing 3D videos and images. The goal was to create a simple and inexpensive way to experience virtual reality.

Recent virtual reality job postings from Google seem to indicate plans of large-scale manufacturing of dedicated consumer VR hardware. There are signs of Apple building its own virtual reality systems with one sign being the hiring of a leading virtual reality researcher, Doug Bowman. Apple also getting into virtual reality is very understandable as so many other companies like Samsung and Google have already done so much in the field of virtual reality – to remain idle during this time may not be wise as Apple may find it extremely difficult to catch up later.

Virtual reality headsets are being developed by many companies, with one of the most-awaited headsets being Oculus Rift. While we cannot expect Star Trek’s ‘holodeck’, it can certainly be a reality a decade or two from now. At $599, the headset is definitely not cheap, but it is not all that expensive either – in fact, price estimates for the device had reached as high as $1,500. While $599 is less than half of that, the price of Google Cardboard is comparatively negligible at a mere $25! Oculus’ chief executive has said that steps were taken to make the device affordable. With pre-orders having been opened on 6th January, the first customers can expect to receive the product in March.

The device’s requirements include a high-end gaming PC. Starting at $1,499, pre-orders for bundles including a Rift and an Oculus Ready PC will open in February. Among the many factors contributing to the attention virtual reality is receiving today, is that of everyone coming to realise that it is no longer a technology that is limited to just videogames and entertainment. There was a time when the word ‘virtual reality’ was just associated with videogames and entertainment, but now everyone is realizing the various practical applications of the technology, and how it can be an extremely useful tool in various fields like medicine, real estate, military, etc. Virtual reality today is being used for making cars as well as submarines!

Indeed, virtual reality is a technology that is all set to create nothing short of a revolution. Virtual reality can be effectively utilised to take your business to great heights. Before hiring the services of a virtual reality company, make sure that they have a skilled and experienced team in place who can deliver the best results right from panorama photography, advanced visualization, virtual reality knowledge transfer solutions and 360 videography to virtual reality tours.

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