Many are acquainted with the term ‘virtual reality’ and have at least a rough idea about what it means and its many applications. However, the very same people may be surprised to know that virtual reality has applications involving food!

‘Project Nourished’ is a project that aims to connect virtual reality and dining. Imagine getting to enjoy your favourite foods and not put on weight! A dream come true, right? Or how about getting to eat foods that are literally out of this world? Or getting a little child to happily eat his vegetables? These are the things that ‘Project Nourished’ tries to address. A ‘Project Nourished dining experience’ is created with the use of a virtual reality headset, an aromatic diffuser, a bone conduction transducer, 3D printed food, a virtual cocktail glass and a gyroscopic utensil. Let us look at how each of these contributes to a virtual reality dining experience.

The virtual reality headset is what provides the visuals – both of the environment and the food itself. The aromatic diffuser gives off the required smell while the bone conduction transducer does the job of mimicking chewing sounds which are transferred from the mouth to the ear drums. The gyroscopic utensil contains a food detection sensor and gyroscope which translate the diner’s physical movements into virtual reality. The 3D printed food takes care of texture, taste and consistency, while the virtual cocktail glass is a glass featuring built-in sensors. Project Nourished can use these components to turn cubes of agar-agar into sushi! Sounds like science fiction, right?

Whenever we dine at a restaurant, a significant part of the dining experience lies in the ambience – after all, it is not just about the food! While food is important, ambience is a very important factor that decides the dining experience. Imagine having fine food in a restaurant that is shabby and dimly lit – even the finest food cannot make the dining experience at such a restaurant, pleasant. This just goes to show how important the environment is, in addition to the food, as far as the dining experience is concerned.

Recently a blog was released by Samsung that was titled “Using Samsung Gear VR to Revolutionize the Restaurant Experience.” Imagine sitting in a restaurant with a virtual reality headset on. The first course arrives and you find yourself having the food not in the restaurant, but in a beautiful garden in Tuscany. However, with the arrival of the main course, the scene changes and you find that you are now underwater surrounded by fishes and dolphins! Well, that would be one dining experience you would never forget! Titled ‘Sublimotion’, this concept is the brainchild of Paco Roncero, a Spanish Chef. His aim was to create dining experiences that touched on all five senses, with the help of experts from different fields including engineering.

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This blog described about the virtual reality dining experience.