It is very difficult to meet someone who doesn’t enjoy watching movies. Film making has been evolving by leaps and bounds – it is indeed difficult to imagine a time not so long ago when people stood with amazement while watching silent black-and-white films.

We have come a long way since then, with Hollywood producing films with huge budgets and spectacular special effects. Every year, we see films getting better and better, with studios and filmmakers attempting to make movie-watching a more engaging and immersive experience. What if you could watch a movie while being ‘in it’? What if you could watch a film in the realm of virtual reality? Such an experience would be extremely immersive because using virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift will allow one to experience a film in a very immersive way making them feel as if they are ‘actually there’!

Imagine watching a thrilling action film in virtual reality. While watching it on a huge movie theater screen can be extremely engaging, it is still no competition for virtual reality where you get to actually experience every explosion and every action scene as if it’s actually happening right in front of you! The kind of immersion offered by virtual reality is something that simply cannot be given by ‘flat’ theater screens. While watching a movie on a flat screen, no matter how thrilling the movie is, there is still that level of detachment making you simply a spectator. With a virtual reality film, you are not just a spectator, but part of the scene! Needless to say, if people had to choose between watching a film on a flat screen and a virtual reality headset, most (if not all) would go for the latter.

Virtual reality works are already creating news at film festivals like Sundance, with famous directors like Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott working on VR projects which are ‘top secret’. Watching a virtual reality film will be extremely different from watching a regular film. In a regular film, your focus of attention is decided by the director. However, in a virtual reality film, you are free to look around within the entire virtual environment – virtual reality gives you the power to choose where to look and focus. This can be a challenge for filmmakers who are used to conventional ways of storytelling through the medium of film. It can take many years for a ‘virtual reality style’ of storytelling to evolve. Many things need to be worked out, but the results will be worth waiting for.

It is easy to see that virtual reality has the potential to create a revolution. Virtual reality is a very versatile technology with a broad spectrum of applications, including that of the promotion and growth of one’s business. One has to be very careful while selecting a virtual reality company. The right virtual reality company will deliver the best results right from panorama photography, advanced visualization, virtual reality knowledge transfer solutions and 360 videography to virtual reality tours.

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