Virtual reality is indeed attracting a lot of attention nowadays. We keep hearing of ‘Oculus Rift’, ‘Vive’, ‘Google Cardboard’, etc. It does feel like we are simply steps away from a virtual reality revolution.

One important consideration regarding virtual reality is that of how mainstream the technology will become. One of the possible indicators that virtual reality will not be an exclusive and niche technology is the acquisition of Oculus by Facebook for $2 billion. Facebook may not have acquired Oculus for so high a sum for releasing a niche product. While the Oculus Rift itself may not be exactly a ‘cheap’ product, Mark Zuckerberg himself had written about his belief regarding immersive augmented reality becoming a part of the daily lives of billions of people.

In fact, virtual reality is being seen by Facebook as the next big computing platform, which depends on the technology going mainstream. Palmer Luckey, Oculus VR founder, admitted that while computers with high-end graphics cards were not owned by most people, computers with the capability of running good virtual experiences should become common in 5-6 years. He also said that many millions of units could still be sold despite the technology being niche right now due to the equipment required.

In March, we had seen YouTube introducing 360-degree videos. In November, YouTube had also introduced VR video, which is a format for clips to be viewed with Google Cardboard. 360-degree videos can also be seen in one’s Facebook news feed. It has been predicted by analyst firm Superdata that in 2016 $5.1 billion will be spent on VR hardware and software, with a major chunk of that going to low-price mobile VR devices like Google Cardboard into which smart-phones are to be inserted for experiencing VR. While Google Cardboard is definitely not a high-end device like Oculus Rift, it will be one of the major contributors towards making virtual reality a mainstream technology.

One of the most important ways through which virtual reality will become a mainstream technology is smart-phones. Smart-phones have become extremely common with the question being “who ‘doesn’t’ own a smart-phone?” Thus, smart-phones can be used as a way for virtual reality to easily reach millions of people. In fact, this was recently witnessed when subscribers of The New York Times received Google Cardboard headsets with the paper. This was a move that enabled many people to experience virtual reality for the first time in their lives. It was the combination of a simple cardboard headset and smart-phones that made this possible.

What everyone should understand is that virtual reality is a technology that is extremely versatile and can be used in multiple fields. One of virtual reality’s most important applications is that it can be used for growing and promoting one’s business and building brands. The right virtual reality company can help you to successfully take your business to a new level by delivering high-quality virtual reality solutions right from advanced visualization, panorama photography, 360 videography and virtual reality knowledge transfer solutions to virtual reality tours.

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