Virtual reality was a hot topic at the recent Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The director of content at Intel, Kim Pallister, talked about there being an overflow room for a track that is popular at the Game Developers Conference, but how the popularity of virtual reality caused the ‘overflow room to overflow’ leading to the entire track being moved to a bigger venue for the next day! Kim Pallister talked about how this has never happened at the Game Developers Conference in 23 years. This goes to show how popular virtual reality has become.

Indeed, virtual reality has become an extremely popular technology – popular enough to receive attention from big names like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. Despite being a ‘young’ technology, virtual reality has matured a lot in a short span of time, with the results leaving users in sheer awe. VR hardware is developing at breakneck speed. If you are worried that virtual reality will cost you a fortune to experience, fret not, for there are low-cost options like Google Cardboard. Even VR content is being developed at a furious pace. Software is delivered via Steam codes by the Vive, which is a product from HTC and Valve. For the Oculus Rift, there are about 40 apps, experiences, and games which are available for users to try out. Virtual reality is indeed going through a very exciting phase!

Virtual reality is a technology that is currently receiving a lot of attention from branding and advertising. This is hardly surprising since it is easy to see how virtual reality content can be effectively used to promote brands and products. In fact, it is being said that two VR ‘camps’ have sprung up – ‘Camp Vive’ and ‘Camp Rift’. The freedom that the HTC Vive headset allows the user inside a virtual space has led to the product being favored by many developers whose interest lies in storytelling. What needs to be understood is that there should be enough content and apps to preserve the interest of those who adopt virtual reality.

Virtual reality is a technology that will require powerful computers for realistic and immersive VR experiences. This is good news for the PC industry because the popularity of virtual reality will lead to users getting motivated to upgrade their PCs. While PlayStation VR has been launched (with the pre-orders being sold out) there are many who say that the PC will have an edge over VR gaming consoles due to its greater processing power and the fact that it can be constantly refreshed. While VR gaming consoles like PlayStation VR are great and may receive a lot of popularity, what is to be understood is that a PC with processing power that is three times greater will be the choice of those who are into more intense gaming.

Everyone is beginning to understand how useful a tool virtual reality can be with its many applications across multiple fields. One can use VR technology for the promotion and growth of their business by hiring the services of a good virtual reality company. A good virtual reality agency will make sure that you get the best results covering 360 photography, 3D virtual reality, virtual reality videos, etc., and will create virtual tours and 360 panoramas which are high-quality.