The virtual reality technology company is a technology that is rapidly settings many ‘firsts’ and milestones. One of these is that of a cancer operation being live-streamed in virtual reality! As Shafi Ahmed, the surgeon carrying out the cancer operation was carefully executing the procedure, the same was being broadcast globally in virtual reality. Streamed live in 360-degree video, this was the world’s first operation to be broadcast in such away.

The live streaming in the 360-degree video of this operation received so much attention that the website, on which the procedure was being streamed, crashed many times! The live streaming of the operation allowed trainee surgeons, medical students, etc., to view the procedure in real-time, and that too as 360-degree video – it is quite close to being there! The 2-hour-long surgery was carried out at the Royal London Hospital. This combination of virtual reality and surgery could be of great value to the medical community.

Mr. Ahmed believes that this combination could contribute towards enhancing the training of surgeons around the world and help towards making ‘health care more equitable’. In an age where internet connections are improving every day, and smart-phones becoming more affordable, and economical VR headsets like Google Cardboard being available, medical students around the world could definitely save a lot of money by viewing a surgery live in virtual reality, as opposed to traveling all the way to another country to see if – this is indeed a very smart point that has been pointed out by Mr. Ahmed.

The live streaming displayed the surgeon’s view, as he carried out the operation, in addition to the entire team. Mr. Ahmed points out that the noise and the stress involved during the operation being carried over to viewers via 360-degree video has high educational value. The immersion that virtual reality offers to make one feel as if they are within that environment, and feel close to the noise and the stress that take place during operation.

The patient who was operated on was a 70-year-old British male suffering from cancer of the colon – the live stream showed the surgeon removing a diseased area of the bowel. The patient himself was ‘excited’ that the procedure would be streamed live around the world. Mr. Ahmed is not new to bringing the latest technology to the operating room – earlier in 2014 he had used Google Glass while carrying out the removal of tumors from a patient, enabling 13,000 medical students to see the procedure from the surgeon’s view.

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