An advanced way to demonstrate VR applications

Giving Demonstration of the 360° Videos to the clients/prospects in Google Cardboard is too complex. You have to educate them to get used to VR Interface which is not that smooth.

An ample of VR players are available in stores, which only allows to view the 360° videos via Google cardboard, but to change the video, the user has to to move device from the cardboard, select another video, plug the mobile again to view the content. Isn’t this a very tedious process?

To conquer this hitch, VRonCloud brings you an Advanced way of giving a demonstration of VR applications with our newly developed Remote Control App 360° Video player. You can now control what your VR player plays via the remote application. The remote app as well as player app is compatible with any android phone having Bluetooth. Simple, isn’t it?

Wondering how it works?

  • Install “Virtual Reality 360° Player” App in one device and “Virtual Reality 360° Player – Remote” App in another mobile device.
  • Connect both devices via Bluetooth.
  • Copy your 360° Videos into a predefined folder “360videoplayer”
  • Remote app will fetch the data from that folder and will display videos in a list.
  • Click the video to play, a command will go to the Player app and video will be played in player app immediately.

Download the apps now to experience the world’s first Virtual Reality 360° Player – Remote App.


Remote Control